MS Dynamics 365 CE(CRM) : Advanced find not visible anymore / Learn Modern Advanced Find for Model driven Apps

What is Issue?

Advanced find is the powerful tool for every MS Dynamics 365 CRM user for querying and reporting the data. But now this tool is not visible in the MS Dynamics 365 anymore. Users are complaining and reporting the issue. Users are not familiar or aware of the new way to query the data in CRM.

The Reason-

The familiar classic Advanced Find icon in the navigation bar is replaced by a ‘modern advanced search’ for all Dynamics 365 modules and model-driven apps. With the 2022 Release Wave 2 October 2022 update to your environment, a new modern advanced find experience is enabled by default.


MS Dynamics 365 Admin user can enable or disable the “Modern Advance find for model-driven Apps” and classic Advanced find options. Admin can follow the below steps to enable new modern advanced find in Dataverse and enable/disable classic Advanced find option for users-

Before enabling the advanced search, admin have to enable the Dataverse search. Let’s see how to enable it.

My instance is not showing any search box right now and advanced find option is available.(So 2022 Release Wave 2 is not enabled for my instance yet)

Login to the Power Platform Admin Portal and open the desired environment. Go to the settings -> Features
Enable the “Dataverse search”. It will start showing the search box on the Navigation bar.

Now let’s see the steps to enable/disable classic Advanced Find and “Modern Advanced find”.

In the Power Platform Admin Portal Settings -> Features enable/disable “Modern advanced find in model-driven apps” option. I am enabling the modern advanced search for my environment by enabling the option-(You can also allow user to show and hide System views once modern advanced find is enabled)

Yay!!.. “Modern Advanced Find” is enable now.

Let’s see how useful it is and let’s compare the features with classic advance find.

Once you click on “Search for Rows in a table using Advanced Filter”, it will ask you to select table, just like “Look For” drop-down in classic Advanced Find. Select table and click on continue.

It will open the Edit filter window, where you can add the search criteria.

All the querying features available on the window similar to classic Advanced find. Adding criteria using columns within table or columns from related tables(entities).

For developers, Download FetchXML is also available on same window.

Once filter is applied, you can edit the columns-> re-arrange the columns, add columns from table or from related tables.

Once you apply the filter it will show the table view name with *, which will indicate the unsaved view.

You can save the view, you can save as existing personal view and manage views with options like- Show/Hide, Share, Assign, Delete, Deactivate, Download FetchXML, etc.

You can also identify the personal views with “user icon” at the end of view name in list.

Now if you want to export the data in excel, you have the similar options on Ribbon buttons similar to the classic advanced find.

So if you don’t see advanced find, don’t panic. You have new way to use advanced search in MS Dynamics 365(model driven apps).

Hope this will help…
Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

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