ReadOnly Subgrids in MS CRM

What is Issue?

While working on MS CRM projects I had requirement of readOnly subgrids in MS CRM. You can achieve this to some extent by hiding buttons on subgrids. But if the requirement is like links should not be clickable for some of the security roles or for some conditions, it is not possible using out-of-box subgrids. That time we had no other option than going with html and JavaScript web resources for this.

The Reason-

This can not be achieve using out-of-box subgrids controls.


There are 2 solution for this-
1. Go with HTML webresource.
2. Create Your own Custom Control using PCF (PowerApps Control Framework)

I created the completely read-only subgrid with pagination functionality similar to out-of-box subgrid.

Taking my current scenario-
I have to make subgrid completely read-only if the “More Contact Required?”= NO
Or else the subgrid will be normal subgrid.

So what I did –

  1. On form I added 2 similar subgrids with different Names.
  2. Added script on change of “More Contact Required?” field to show required subgrid.
  3. Changed the control for subgrid which is visible when “More Contacts Required?”= NO
    Open Form Editor -> Select Subgrid -> Change Properties -> Controls Tab ->Add Control -> Selected my own custom Control ->ReadOnlySubgridPage -> Click Add
  4. Save Form and Publish.

Now I found it so simple as I can make any subgrid readonly with my custom control.

You can download the Solution from here and import in Dynamics 365 to use the control.

If you want to check source code download from here.

To work with source code you need some of the basic setup in your computer-
1. Nodejs installed
2. VS or Visual Studio Code installed
3.Understanding of below commands-

pac pcf init --namespace yourNamespace --name yourControlName --template dataset
npm install
npm run build
npm start
pac solution init --publisher-name yourPubliserName --publisher-prefix yourPrefix
pac solution add-reference --path "pcfproj folder path"
msbuild /t:restore

Hope this will help…
Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

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