Compare Security Roles available in MS CRM Organization

What is Issue?

Many times in organization many security roles got created but it becomes difficult to find out differences between them. Checking one by one is time consuming and complicated task.

The Reason-

No direct way available to compare 2 security roles.


you can use the tool created by mscrm16Tech as below-
It provides view of all security roles available in Organization and allows to to compare them with each other.

When you install and open the application in your system you will get below window which will help you in configuration of MS CRM connection and database connection if needed. You can connect to CRM using CRM SDK Login window. This feature is available in latest version of software only(v1.0.0.28 and above).


After configuring the app and clicks on OK, Select the application “Compare Security Roles” in next window  –


Now you need to load the available security Roles in both the list  from connected CRM Organization.
Select security role from each list and click compare.

You also have option to check security roles for entities for some publisher only(custom entities).

The output loaded in grid will  privileges on entities available to from respective security roles selected in lists.

Please use below image for reference-


Please follow the images to work with the app.

You can download MSCRMTechTool Here- MSCRM16Tech Tool

Hope this will help…
Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

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