Insufficient Privileges Issue-prvReadSharePointDocument Location Ms Dynamic CRM

What is the Issue?

Some time we face the issue saying -‘Insufficient Privileges’ while creating record in some entity. Let’s say example- When you try to create opportunity from lead (Qualifying Lead), for some user it shows the ‘Insufficient Privileges’ error. And if we download the log file we get following error message-


The Reason-

The error occurs because you have enabled document management to the entity Opportunity. This requires the read access to the user on SharepointDocumentLocation.


To solve the issue give user the read access to SharepointDocumentLocation, if you are using Sharepoint or else you can disable the Document Management for the entity for which the error occurred.

In case you want to disable the setting you just need to go to –
Settings => Customizations => Customize the System => Components => Entities => Opportunity. Under the “Communication & Collaboration” section=> uncheck the box for “Document Management”.

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