New Unified Interface of MS Dynamics 365 CRM – Change Behavior to Classic Mode

What is the Issue?

New User interface of Ms Dynamics CRM(V9.1) with Unified Interface is bit confusing. Navigation is becoming very easy but bit complex for all the developers. Developers have much struggle to find the settings and many other options in MS CRM which was very easy to get through site map. Developers are not very much used to this behavior of the CRM. So, the question here is “where is Classic version of CRM?”

The Reason-

With new releases of MS Dynamics CRM 9.1 Microsoft is forcing the user to use Unified interface for all the apps installed in the MS CRM. Microsoft is providing the some new feature along with this Unified Interface.


You can choose the behavior of your CRM application as Unified Interface or Classic CRM (developer is very familiar to). You need to change some setting of your application-

  1. When you are creating new online version you are getting redirected to MS Dynamics 365 My Apps.
  2. Also if you trying to hit the URL and opening app under My Apps (Sales,Sales Hub, Dynamics 365 – Custom), You are not able to see the classic mode of MS CRM. It is showing Unified Interface as below-
  3. Login to the URL with your MS Dynamics administrator credentials. You will be redirected to window below-
  4. Click on Environments on Left hand side Navigation. It will show all your environments.
  5. Select environment( MS CRM Organization Name) and click on Settings on command bar.
  6. Under Product Section – > Click on Behavior –
  7. Set Open in Classic Mode -> On
  8. Save your Setting.
  9. Login to your CRM Organization by using our traditional way –
  10. You will be able to see your classic mode of MS CRM now with all the features you are familiar with-


Continue with your development with classic mode…

Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

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