Check highest privileges for entities from different Security roles assigned (including Teams Roles) to User in MS CRM

What is Issue?

User in CRM might be assigned with the different security roles directly or indirectly from Teams security role. Some time it becomes difficult to check privileges on some entity, due to number of different security roles assigned. In this cases, checking different security roles for user becomes tedious and time consuming task. You need to check each security role and each security roles for team in which user is member.

The Reason-

No direct way available to check highest privileges on entities for an user.


you can use the tool created by mscrm16Tech as below-
It provides view of all security roles assigned directly or indirectly through Team to user.

When you install and open the application in your system you will get below window which will help you in configuration of MS CRM connection and database connection if needed.


After configuring the app and clicks on OK, Select the application “Check User Privileges on Entity” in next window  –


Now you need to load the available active (Enabled) users in connected CRM Organization.
You can select any user from the drop down list and get Privileges for the user.

You also have option to check security roles for entities for some publisher only(custom entities).

The output loaded in grid will show highest privileges on entities available to user cumulatively from all security security roles.

Please use below image for reference-


Please follow the images to work with the app.

You can find the list of all available security roles assigned directly or indirectly through teams to user.

On click of first option in List -“Get Cumulative privileges for all Roles”  will show the all highest privileges from all the different security roles. and on click of other options in list will show the privileges for that role.

You can save this report as excel file.

You can download MSCRMTechTool Here- MSCRM16Tech Tool

Hope this will help…
Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

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