Color Picker in MS CRM ?

What is Issue?

How to add Color Picker in MS CRM?
There might be situations where you have to use colors in MS CRM and you wish to have wide range of colors. But in MS CRM there is no field or option available for now.

The Reason-

You have multiple custom controls available in MS CRM right now but there is no option for color picker and there is no way to add your own custom control for now.There is no out-of-box Color picker available in MS CRM.


There are 2 solution for the color pickers –

  1. You can use Option set and provide user to select limited options of colors.
  2. You can use Custom web resource with your own libraries or open-source libraries.

The first option is reliable, but not much attractive if user wants some colorful UI and wide range of colors.

Using second option is not supported way but it gives you attractive interfaces.

There is open-source library available for color Picker – spectrum

You can use this library with dynamics CRM as web resources. You can have very nice color picker in MS CRM with these libraries.



Hope this will help…

Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

3 thoughts on “Color Picker in MS CRM ?

  1. can you please share the steps of creating this color picker as i couldn’t understand from the spectrum link how to include it in the crm


    • Yes Menna,
      1.Add spectrum.css and spectrum.js in MS CRM web resources.
      2. Add new html web resources and add link reference for spectrum.js and spectrum.css in your custom html.
      3. Add script from spectrum website whichever style color picker you want.
      4. Along with this you can use XRM object hierarchy to set color field in crm wih color you choose in color picker.


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