Get Excel Report or Create Database table Directly from FetchXML file

What is Issue?

The creating report or database table using complex fetchXML and getting records more than 5000.

The Reason-

It is difficult to get data directly from MS CRM without any coding or using third party tool .


Here is the new tool created by mscrm16tech which allows you to save data in excel sheet from MS CRM or helps you to create Database table with the display names available in MS CRM. These reports and data dump minimizes the developer efforts.

When you install and open the application in your system you will get below window which will help you in configuration of MS CRM connection and database connection if needed.


After configuring the app and clicks on OK, you will get below window –


Please follow the images to work with the app.

You can download app Here- FetchApp by MSCRM16Tech

Hope this will help…
Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

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