Generating Early Bound Classes and simple Entity Classes MS CRM

What is Issue?

While developing the CRM, when we have to go through coding part, we need to create Early-bound classes for some specific entities. But CrmSvcUtil.exe provides us the Early Bound classes for all the entities available in CRM.
Second scenario- we don’t want this much of complicated classes, Only want to add simple Entity classes. But it might become very lengthy and time consuming task to add the fields in class one by one.

The Reason-

Creating Early bound classes for particular entities is not possible using CrmSvcUtil.exe directly and creating simple entity classes is lengthy and time consuming task.


To create early bound classe using CrmSvcUtil.exe, please refer blog – Generate Early Bound Classes for selected entities using CrmSvcUtil.exe in MS CRM


you can use the tool created by mscrm16Tech as below-
It provides both the options like creating Simple CRM entity classes or to Use CrmSvcUtil.exe to generate early bound classes for selected entities only.

When you install and open the application in your system you will get below window which will help you in configuration of MS CRM connection and database connection if needed.


After configuring the app and clicks on OK, Select the application “Create Early-Bound Classes” in next window  –


Now you can load the available entities in connected CRM Organization. Please use below image for reference-

App2Screen In case you are using windows 10 and trying to generate Early Bound classes using CrmSvcUtil.exe, you need to make sure following feature is enabled on your windows-
>Control Panel Programs and Features – Turn Windows feature On or Off
->.NetFramework 4.8 Advanced Services
-> WCF Services
->HTTP Activation (Please enable if not)


Please follow the images to work with the app.

You can download app Here- MSCRM16Tech Tool

Hope this will help…
Enjoy Ms CRM!!!

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